Huasviein is a kingdom of craftsmen and traders and a welcoming place to people of all walks of life. “A man’s tent is his temple” is often used as a polite reminder of the importance of tolerating foreign practices and customs without remark. The only exception to this rule is during Huasviein’s monthly festivals. Participation in these festivals is almost mandatory.

This lackadaisical attitude toward foreigners among the general populous once made Huasviein a haven of ancestor cults and other unusual faiths, but in recent times The Immaculate Order has established a strong presence in the area and put a stop to these cults. The Festival Purge, as it has come to be known, generated a lot of ill will towards The Immaculate Order.

Huasviein is a quite prosperous land with many large wineries, all owned by house V’neef.

House V’neef has a strong presence in the area and the Satrap Sesus Nagezzer V’neef has almost complete control of local government when he chooses to exercise it as Huasviein is close enough to The Blessed Isle to have reason to fear The Realm’s armys. He rarely makes use of these powers to avoid angering both local and guild nobels.

The law of the land:

Huasviein is ruled in theory by Queen Kasia, but in practise by a collection of rich nobles with Guild ties. The Guild acts to protect and expand Huasviein‘s massive wineries and keep these luxuries flowing to the blessed isle. In return Sesus Nagezzer has granted them broad legal powers to remove any “impediments to trade”, living or otherwise. As long as fine Guild wines continue to flow to Satrap Sesus’s private pleasure palace this arrangement seems unlikely to change.

Queen Kasia spends a great deal of her time and energy keeping the multitude of visiting nobles off each others throats, and cares more for the people of Huasviein then most monarchs.

Queen Kasia commands a sizable army of elite troops and is rumored to have found a cache of first age weapons. Even with only a few Terrestrials among their ranks, all outcast from one of the Great Houses, the royal army is a force to be reckoned with.


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