House Rules

Perfect defenses and attacks cost 8m rather then 3

Total experience gained: 6 + 5 + 10

Experience costs:
// not sure what this was about. I think it matches up with bonus points?
Attribute: 16
Ability: 4 (+2 if non caste/favored, double cost over 5)
Virtue: 12
Willpower: 8
Essence: 28
Charms: 16 (20 non caste)
Spell: 16 (20 non caste)

Each player begins the game with three fate points.

Each session each player may spend their fate points to re roll checks. If used in this manner fate points regenerate at the start of the next session.

Fate points can also be burned to avoid death. Fate points spent in this manner are lost permanently.

House Rules

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