Solar Exalted

The Solar Exalted are, at their core, creatures of passion. Solar Exalted are driven by their passions to accomplish incredible feats, but these passions can also make a Solar his own worst enemy.

All Solar Exalted suffer from an affliction called The Great Curse. When a Solar tries to resist the pull of their virtues for too long they inevitably give in to The Great Curse and act on their virtue in it’s most primal (and generally useless) form.

In The Realm today the Solar Exalted are viewed as the worst kind of villains. Every tale of the Solars ends with the Dragon Blooded putting a stop to their schemes and protecting the people from their madness. To the people of The Realm the Solar Exalted are known as Anathema, and harboring them is a crime.

The Solar Exalted once ruled over most of creation before they were overthrown by the Terrestrial Exalted. They kept the Local Gods in line and kept Creation safe from The Fair Folk.

Solar Exalted

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