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  • The Great Contagion

    The Great Contagion was a magical disease created by [[The Death Lords]] which decimated the population of Creation. This massive wave of death is responsible for the creation of most of the world's [[Shadow Lands]].

  • Time Line

    BR = Before [[The Realm]] AR = After [[The Realm]] |24580 BR| The [[Solar Exalted]] become the rulers of creation|| |9543 BR| The [[Solar Exalted]] are overthrown by [[The Dragon Blooded]] and sealed in [[The Jade Prison]] || |2 BR| Dragon …

  • The Scarlet Empress

    The Scarlet Empress rose to power after [[The Great Contagion]] and the subsequent invasion of [[The Death Lords]] and [[The Fair Folk]] destroyed most of creation's previous rulers. She took control of The Imperial [[Manse]] and it's network of War [[ …

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